There is no foolishnessthat a person will not performif they are not committed to Truthand give no thoughtto the consequence […]
They have attained complete liberation in this very lifetime by their devotion to meditation and the truth. They are attached […]
Little by little, from moment to moment,the wise person removes all theirunwholesome qualities from their life,as a smith removes the […]
Do not neglect your own trainingfor the sake of another,no matter how convincingthe cause may seem.Understanding clearlywhat is important for […]
There is no benefit in performing any actions,spiritual or otherwise,without love, awareness and commitment. Dhammapada verse 312. Dhamma healing At […]
You yourself must make the effort;Awakened Ones only point the way.Those who have stepped onto this pure Pathand who meditate,will […]
Before long this body will dieand be left on the groundlike a useless log. Dhammapada verse 41.  You look like […]
The wise person will give up a lesser pleasure to obtain a greater joy. Dhammapada verse 290.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!Dhamma […]
It is only through the practice of awareness and lovethat a person can transcend the conditionsthat bring difficulties in life. […]
From desire comes fear and sorrow.The person who is free from desireis therefore freefrom fear and sorrow. Dhammapada verse 216. […]