The true Master is the one without fear of life,
and lives with simplicity and integrity,
in every situation.

Dhammapada verse 422.

The Way to freedom.

It is a simple Dhamma truth that we build our life around the mind states we empower, and so as a consequence every time we empower a fearful thought the whole of our life becomes fearful in that moment.
Now, in this moment, everything we meet is potentially a threat, something to tear away our happiness and security. Something to fight and protest about.
In this way we will never be free because there will always be an attempt to escape this feeling and make life fit our limited understanding of what is appropriate or not.
If we empower love however, naturally surrendering into a harmonious acceptance of the universe and everything it contains, we will experience an unconditional freedom, far from the fear based limitations of the mind.
This is why the practice of pure Dhamma is so important.
We don’t need to save ourselves from the world, only from ourselves and the stories we create.
When we are patiently and lovingly with the mind we will hear our habitual internal dialogue and notice the forces that continually push us in the same direction. ‘It’s my fault. I’m responsible. It’s up to me to make it right. I never do enough…..’
We will see that the fear we experience is in reality only a sensation in the body supported by a story that itself is a fantasy. Fear is never a friend.
So we sit and let go. Such a simple instruction yet so hard to do. It would be easier to train for a marathon or climb Mount Everest, but no, we just sit with the mind and begin to recognize the uncomfortable truth; that there is nothing that we really are and no way we have to be. These are just more fantasies of the mind, conditioned by the society, gender and culture we are part of.
So we sit with love, radiating the fearless loving heart into our own life and then into the life of all beings. Taking care of ourselves from a self compassion and respect.
This is the way to freedom and along this way, whatever life presents, we will have the space to see it clearly and the loving wisdom to respond.
This is our Pure Dhamma Way.
That you may meet a perceived ‘difficult moment’ in your life is always a possibility, but only you will experience it directly.

However, the truth to remember is that you are stronger than you know and you can use this moment, and whatever it brings, to take you forward in your Dhamma life.
As always, I offer guidance and love and remind you reflect upon the beauty of Dhamma whenever you meet difficulties in your life
Take good care of you.
With all the loving kindness in my heart.



When I am not present, everything is fine
When I arrive everything is a mess.

Dhamma Quotation:

In meditation we face ourselves. We face our past. All our memories and conditioning rise up to confront us and we have to sit quietly and let them pass. Painful or pleasant, good or bad, we have to let them go. This activity we have to do alone. Once in meditation, we are by ourselves, facing ourselves. This is why we need to be brave and prepared to go deep. To penetrate all the delusions we hold about ourselves and the world.
From: Higher than Happiness by Michael Kewley