The way of Pure Dhamma

At one time, at the end of another long intensive Vipassana retreat with Sayadaw Rewata Dhamma, Michael Kewley now his closest disciple, knelt in front of him and asked what more is there to do in his pursuit of complete freedom from suffering?
“Ah, Michael,’ he replied, “now you must teach,” came the reply.
After the initial resistance to such an outrageous idea, he was told, “this is not about you. It is so others can receive Dhamma, as you have received it.

Thus was the beginning of the tradition of practice now known as Pure Dhamma. Michael is an internationally acclaimed Master of Vipassana and Loving Kindness meditation presenting courses and retreats throughout the world.
As the disciple of the late Sayadaw Rewata Dhamma, he shares his understanding on this direct instruction so that all beings may benefit.

Pure Dhamma is the return to the bodhi tree, the place of awakening where the Buddha realised and then shared the beautiful teachings of personal liberation from the pains and difficulties of life before they were collected, organised and presented in their many different styles and traditions.
It is the personal and loving investigation into the truth behind our ‘self identity’.
This Dhamma practice is non political, non gender oriantated and non religious. There is nothing to believe or accept without direct experience of the teachings presented.
At the heart of Pure Dhamma is the recognition that if we want to be free we must cultivate awareness, but for full liberation, you have to be at peace with what this awareness reveals to us and more; that the world we experience is the one we create for ourselves.
This is why our authentic awareness practice (Vipassana) cannot be separated from loving kindness (Metta Bhavana). One without the other is ultimately ineffective.
Live with love and be aware, this is the whole of our Pure Dhamma training. It is both the path and the goal.
It is for the students and disciples who want to be free from life’s unhappiness by turning to this beautiful path of wisdom, self reliance, awareness and love.
It demands commitment, dedication and patience to meet and finally share with all beings the joy of the heart, and the purity of Dhamma.

May all beings be happy.

Go deep in your understanding: If you don’t know what forms the waves how will ever understand the ocean?

Ultimately, our Dhamma practice must free us from self identity, not add to it.
May all beings be happy.

This morning it rained. This afternoon it is sunny. How is that not like the mind?
May all beings be happy.