There is no foolishnessthat a person will not performif they are not committed to Truthand give no thoughtto the consequence of their actions. Dhammapada Vs 176 Forgive me …. A word often used with good intention in Dhamma teachings, is forgiveness, with the sentiment that we […]
They have attained complete liberation in this very lifetime by their devotion to meditation and the truth. They are attached to no-thing and their mind is free from all unwholesome thoughts. Dhammapada Vs 89 Meditation must change our life. The function of Vipassana meditation is not […]
Little by little, from moment to moment,the wise person removes all theirunwholesome qualities from their life,as a smith removes the drossof gold or silver. Dhammapada verse 239. The more we seek a position in front of others,the more our intentions are truly seen.  Dhamma practice is […]
Do not neglect your own trainingfor the sake of another,no matter how convincingthe cause may seem.Understanding clearlywhat is important for ourselves,we should commit to it completely. Dhammapada verse 166. Happy new year!!! Dhamma legacy I have been asked to say something about my Dhamma legacy?Perhaps people […]
There is no benefit in performing any actions,spiritual or otherwise,without love, awareness and commitment. Dhammapada verse 312. Dhamma healing At one time, during my early years of teaching in Budh Gaya, an English lady arrived on retreat and during her private interview casually informed me that […]
You yourself must make the effort;Awakened Ones only point the way.Those who have stepped onto this pure Pathand who meditate,will be free from all the ties of delusion. Dhammapada verse 276. You’re the problem! One of the most counter-productive things we can do in our Dhamma […]
Before long this body will dieand be left on the groundlike a useless log. Dhammapada verse 41.  You look like a frog. For ten years myself and my assistant teacher Henry, had the privilege to present ten day sitting and walking Vipassana retreats at the international […]
The wise person will give up a lesser pleasure to obtain a greater joy. Dhammapada verse 290.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!Dhamma sacrifice. People have asked me in my Dhamma life of more than fifty years, what sacrifices I had to make. The answer of course, is none. I […]
It is only through the practice of awareness and lovethat a person can transcend the conditionsthat bring difficulties in life. Dhammapada verse 272. Understanding true practice.(Vipassana, beyond desire and technique.) This beautiful meditation practice isn’t to get something, it’s to see something.It is to see the […]
From desire comes fear and sorrow.The person who is free from desireis therefore freefrom fear and sorrow. Dhammapada verse 216. The Poor Heart.(Part of a transcribed Retreat Dhamma Talk from Michael) …So, what makes this man poor? He doesn’t have a big house, or a car […]
The true Master is the one without fear of life,and lives with simplicity and integrity,in every situation. Dhammapada verse 422. The Way to freedom. It is a simple Dhamma truth that we build our life around the mind states we empower, and so as a consequence […]
As people are respectful of those from whom they receive something wonderful,the person who shares the true Dhamma is worthy of even greater respect. Dhammapada verse 392. HAPPY NEW YEAR!When the Master is no longer with us. Dhamma is always present in our life, but to […]
True disciples do not need very much.Happy with what they have,they continue to make good progress along the path. Dhammapada verse 366. Choiceless practiceThe path is straight but the journey may be long. When I was an adolescent I was afraid of life. Everything disturbed me […]
The true disciples of Dhamma live with awareness and love,and are continually inspiredby the manifestation of beauty in their life. Dhammapada verse 301. The indescribable beauty of Dhamma At one time in Japan there was a much loved Zen Master called Baso.He had many disciples and […]