They have attained complete liberation in this very lifetime
by their devotion to meditation and the truth.
They are attached to no-thing
and their mind is free from all unwholesome thoughts.

Dhammapada Vs 89

Meditation must change our life.

The function of Vipassana meditation is not to make us feel calm and peaceful, although that certainly does happen as a consequence of its application, but to illuminate the true cause of all our difficulties, frustrations and struggles with life.
Vipassana (meaning ‘to see things as they really are) is the modern name for the practice of Satipathana, cultivated by Siddhartha Gotoma, the Buddha, and which took him to full Awakening under the Bodhi Tree in the forest of Uruvela two thousand six hundred years ago.
This essentially simple yet difficult practice is a deep and profound turning inwards and ultimately offers no escape from the truth of this being that we call ‘self.’
When applied correctly with the guidance of a true and loving Master, it can never be experienced as something merely cosmetic and just another superficial addition to our life, but an exploration into ultimate truth.
This beautiful meditation must change your life, firstly how you understand it and then secondly, how this new understanding will manifest in your life.
Seeing the old habits and ideas of human privilege based in desires and fears, fall away as the heart opens and a new compassion and love arrives to fill the space left behind. Now there is the intuitive recognition of the sanctity of all life and the interconnectedness of all things.
Harmlessness (Ahimsa) will become our core value as we quite spontaneously live with love and awareness recognizing that for all beings, whether great or small, human or not, pain is pain, fear is fear and suffering is suffering.
Now we will bring the gift of our loving compassion to the world. Of course, we will always be the first to benefit, but that benefit will radiate out into the universe so all beings feel the warmth of our now open heart.
Vipassana meditation is the foundation of our Dhamma life. It is not a new hobby or pastime, something to do when there is nothing interesting to watch on T.V. but part of the path that takes us to full liberation.
This is why it is so precious and why it is said that; ‘when one more person turns to a life of awareness and love, the whole world benefits.’
This is Dhamma.

May all beings be happy.



The Master asked the student, “where have you come from?”
The student relied, “from the south.”
The Master asked, “how is Dhamma in the south?”
“There is a lot of discussion,” answered the student.
“But, how can that discussion compare to me planting vegetables to eat?” said the Master.
“Yes, but what can you do about the world?” asked the student.
The Master replied, “ what do you call the world?”


This was my journey. A gentle, loving but consistent step by step path of liberation.
It was not magic, not even spiritual, but practical, personal and founded only in the determination to no longer be a victim to my fear.
Even the longest journey begins with a simple intention.
From: A Journey to Awakening by Michael Kewley


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