Do not neglect your own training
for the sake of another,
no matter how convincing
the cause may seem.
Understanding clearly
what is important for ourselves,
we should commit to it completely.

Dhammapada verse 166.

Happy new year!!!

Dhamma legacy

I have been asked to say something about my Dhamma legacy?
Perhaps people will have their own ideas, but for me I think I have only ever encouraged disciples and students to make their Dhamma practice the most important thing in their life.
I do not feel that excessive study is important but only to focus on the development of awareness and love in every situation. This is what has real and lasting value. There are no obstacles to practice, except for what the mind presents, and so what we meet only ever has the power and influence that we give it.
To be graciously granted the title of Dhammachariya by my own Master, means to be a human being in service of Dhamma and so share the radiant qualities of the heart with all other beings.  This can be perceived in many different ways according to the kamma and degree of understanding of the individual, but in every case, it is established in and offered with love.
There can be no sacrifice in our training for we only ever let go of the conditions of our suffering, therefore we are the ones who will benefit before others. If we do not put down our endless views and opinions of what we feel Dhamma training is, or should be, we are always caught in the mind, picking and choosing that which is most comfort for us. Therefore, the discipline of training and the surrender into practice is essential. To meet ourself, to know ourself and let go of this very self. When the Buddha was asked how he did train his disciples he replied, “I tell them what they should do.” But what if they do not do as you say?” The questioner continued.
Then I tell them what they should not do,” continued the Buddha. But what if they still do not listen?” insisted the questioner. Then I tell them they must leave the Sangha, for Dhamma demands dedication to the process of their own liberation.” This, then I hope will be my Dhammic legacy, to encourage others to work hard for their own liberation, exactly as the Buddha did for his disciples and exactly as my teacher did for me. This is the way of Dhamma.

May all beings be happy.



A disciple asked, “Master, have you been to hell?”
He replied, “I was the first one there.”How could a great Master like you have arrived from hell?”
How could I show you Dhamma if I had not been there?”

Dhamma quotation

Do what you do with love and let everything else go.
From: The face of Dhamma. By Michael Kewley.