It is only through the practice of awareness and love
that a person can transcend the conditions
that bring difficulties in life.

Dhammapada verse 272.

Understanding true practice.
(Vipassana, beyond desire and technique.)

This beautiful meditation practice isn’t to get something, it’s to see something.
It is to see the real architect of your life, the power that directs you in every situation, and what is that? 
It’s this mind of course, only this mind.
It’s not your wife or your husband, your children or your dog, it’s not your friends, your school teacher or even your spiritual teacher. It is only the attachment to this thought, this mood, this feeling and this emotion. 
The moment when attachment falls away there is the joy of the mind that flows with life like clouds passing through the sky. 
When we let go of the idea that life should be different than how it is manifesting right now, we open ourselves to the reality of the moment and then we can respond. We can do whatever is necessary for ourselves and other beings.
You don’t need to go to India to awaken, you can do that right here right now in your own home. You don’t have to be a Buddhist or a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew, you are already complete without picking up something more, some new fascinating ideas about life to carry.
You don’t need to be a man and you don’t need to be a woman, both work really well once you are committed to the idea of Awakening through the simple yet difficult, practice of love and awareness. It is awareness that can see and know the mind as it is in this moment, and love that accepts this moment without conditions, and so be peaceful with it as it moves through life.
This is the practice. To be at peace with the mind and not seek something more. It is that very unconditional acceptance that leads to awakening. But without clear understanding the training can seem difficult and even pointlesss as you must make the energy to bring yourself to your meditation cushion, and then let go of any desire to attain something. It is that very desire that takes you outside the moment that is the obstacle to true Dhamma progress.
This is the Vipassana paradox, to make the supreme effort to do nothing!
The Japanese say it like this:

Sitting quietly, doing nothing.
Spring comes
and the grass grows by itself.

Once we understand this, the meditation stops being a specialised practice, often heralded by bells, bowing and chanting and that only we in our own unique group know how to do, but becomes a way of life and living.
Washing the dishes with awareness and love is Vipassana. 
Talking to your friends with awareness and love is Vipassana. 
Being in life with awareness and love is Vipassana.
This is a practice worthy of your greatest effort.

May all beings be happy.



Once a monk asked the Master,I have just entered the monastery, please teach me.”
The Master said, “Have you had your breakfast?”
Yes, I have,” replied the monk.
Then wash your bowl.”
In that moment the monk Awakened.

Dhamma Quotation:

Happiness is always close when our pleasures are simple.
From Dhamma in your pocket, by Michael Kewley