28th to 30th Weekend Retreat in Seminarhof Drawehn
23rd to 25th Weekend Seminar in Siegburg
2nd to 6th New Year Retreat in Seminarhof Drawehn
 17th to 19th  Weekend Seminar in Hamburg

From the very beginning, when my beloved teacher instructed me to take this Dhamma into the world to share with others so they may benefit as I had benefited I have done the best I can to follow this instruction with integrity and energy.
My own background was a monastic training and so financing retreats was never really an issue as monetary support, often anonymous, always was there. However these are different times and our Pure Dhamma sangha must hire retreat and meditation centres in order to train in Dhamma for two, seven or ten days several times a year.
As these places now are business enterprises there are many financial conditions to be met such as deposits before and certain penalties if the quota of students is not met, or last minute cancellations are occurred.
In order to meet these financial requirements and guarantees we have created a donation fund with all money received to be used exclusively for these requirements. We are a traditional Dhamma Sangha, non political, non gender orientated and non religious. The practice although always in a loving environment is demanding and does not cater to modern whims and ideas currently popular. The training takes time and commitment and the more the student applies themselves, the more the Master supports them.
This is the way of Dhamma and this is our way according to the lineage of Michael. We humbly ask for your help so that Pure Dhamma can continue. Every donation has value and whether you sit retreats with us or not your kindness and generosity will support the continuation of Pure Dhamma in the world so that all beings may benefit by our dedication to loving awareness.
May all beings be happy. 

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