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The one who reflects upon the beginning
and ending of things
will be filled with joy as true understanding arises.

Dhammapada: verse 374
As our fears become less we will see that space in our life is something
to be cherished, not something that must always be filled.
Dhammachariya Paññadipa

The space in our life
That nothing stays the same is an obvious truth that we very often feel uncomfortable with. We like the notion of security in consistency.
Small, gradual and almost imperceptable changes are acceptable because they don’t disturb our delusion too much, but sudden often dramatic changes create a space in our life that because it is unknown, can feel dangerous and leave us feeling vulnerable.
But it is here that our true Dhamma training becomes evident. We cannot be afraid of the unknown (if we don’t know it how can we be afraid of it?) we are only afraid of loosing the known, that which is familiar to us. Even if that familiar is unpleasant or even painful, we prefer it to the space that loosing it creates. We are comfortable with what we know and space in our life is threatening!

This is like the story of the young woman, who was told by her boyfriend to leave him.
“I think we should separate,” he said, “Because our relationship is not making you happy.”
“But I don't want to be happy,” she replied, “I want to stay with you.”

Dhamma practice reminds us to surrender into the space. In this new space in your life lies all the possibilities you were unaware of. New ideas, new visions and new freedoms becomes clear to us and we begin to see that our old closed life was actually a prison. A comfortable prison, well organised and familiar, but always small and enclosed. Always a cage to keep true freedom and liberty as beautiful words and concepts always an arms reach away.
Dhamma is limitless. Wisdom is limitless. Love is limitless. In the newly embraced space we can find our heart, no longer burried under unrealised dreams and aspirations but ready to reconnect with and bring into every moment of our life.
One of the principal qualities of loving kindness is confidence. Never arrogance or ego based views, but the quiet certainty that whatever life offers to us we are able to accept and respond to without the presence of fear manipulating our judgement.
So the teaching is always simple: If you truly want the best for you, live with love and be aware. Let go of fear and embrace the beautiful emptiness that unlimited potential offers.
True happiness waits here.
May all beings be happy!


A monk told Joshu: `I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.'
Joshu asked: `Have you eaten your rice porridge?'
The monk replied: `I have eaten.'
Joshu said: `Then you had better wash your bowl.' At that moment the monk was enlightened.

Dhamma quotation:

We bring about the things we fear because we empower those thoughts. We make them real for ourselves, and those thoughts dictate the experience of our world.

Michael Kewley
Life Changing Magic

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