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N° 14

The disciple is happy,
who quietens their mind
and understands the Dhamma.

Dhammapada: verse 373
Happy new year!

Only this moment

So, we arrive at the end of another year and meet the beginning of the next.
It is the continual process of our life with many new experiences, ideas and memories to carry with us, to support us, condition us and direct us into the future.
However, in the end, no matter how intelligently we can justify and explain our holding on to them, we have to put everything down.
All our ideas, views and opinions are only more obstacles to the truth, and whatever labels we give ourselves simply becomes something else to carry, something else to defend and ultimately, something else to fight over.
The truth ( Dhamma ) is beyond the limited mind of psychology, politics and religion and so, even with the greatest determination and confidence, it is not possible to think our way to peace, love or wisdom. These are found when the thinking mind falls away and 'beingness' simply happens.
From here life unfolds 'as it is', and can no longer be seen as a series of goals to achieve, problems to be resolved or crisis to overcome, but rather and beautiful and uncertain adventure. Each day beginning and ending with love, compassion and wisdom as spontaneous moments of the naturally arising mind.
The Buddha's gift to the world is the way to realise this beautiful way of being for ourselves.
The meditation practice of Satipatthana, (Vipassana Bhavana) although structured for the mind to grasp, is itself beyond any kind of technique.
It is simple, subtle and beautiful but ultimately, only a way to reside peacefully and without judgement in this very moment. There is nothing to do and nothing to get. There is only the beingness of now.
How can the perfect liberation of the Buddha, available for everyone who makes the right effort, be contained in a technique?
Technique, no matter how good and exact, can only take us to the end of that technique and not further! Here is one more thing, perhaps the most subtle and attractive, that we have to abandon, our attachment to what becomes 'our' technique.
Now we have to let go and surrender into the oneness of the moment.
Here there is no past, no future, and everything exists in and only for this moment. Whatever manifests in the mind is known lovingly and peacefully to be only 'what it is'.
Everything is seen as clouds passing through an empty sky, some pleasant, some unpleasant, some attractive and some unattractive, but all having the same universal quality of impermanence (Anicca). There is nothing to hold on to and nothing to understand. There is only this moment, and in this moment the whole of our life exists.
This is the reality of Dhamma and to 'simply be' ( in this moment ) is the highest goal of the true Dhamma disciple.

May all beings be happy in this new year.
May all beings meet dhamma in their lives.
May all beings realise the real peace and wisdom within.

Dhammacahriya Paññadipa

Sitting in meditation,
the clock ticks away the seconds,
while drops of sky caress the leaves.
No thoughts, only peace.
My wife comes in from the garden
as the rain dances on the roof.
The gutters shed tears to the ground.
She speaks to the cat,
“Where is Paul?”
Only the Way, only life.

Paul Stellini


As the disciple approached the master asked, “What is it that walks towards me?”
The disciple answered, “ To say it is anything at all is already too much!”

Dhamma quotation:

Our heart needs no improvement, it needs only the freedom to express itself.

Michael Kewley
Life Changing Magic

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