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A person is not wise if they harm another living creature.
The wisest person is gentle to all beings

Dhammapada: verse 170
Sharing our true self.

The greatest and worst gift we can bring to the world is ourself.
It is the greatest gift when we live from love and compassion, following the Pure Dhamma way of Truth and Wisdom.
The true disciple of Dhamma is not always trying to show themselves as someone or something different from others, rather they are the one who is almost invisible in life. When the heart is in harmony with life there is nothing to show. Love does not seek applause or recognition, love simply is.
They do not harm others, nor do they encourage the harming of others. They are one with others and so live in peace .
They do not persecute or blame others, they accept patiently and compassionately the unenlightened behaviour of the world. They cannot and do not, become involved in the manipulation of others through politics and religion. They are free even from the thought to control others, no matter how subtle. Because they are 'at one' with all life there is no conflict for them and no desire to be seen. From the total immersion in absolute truth, they accept the way of things in every moment.
They receive praise and blame in the same way, smiling at life with a compassion that comes from the open heart of wisdom.
In this place the thought to hurt, humiliate or kill other beings no longer arises and all justifications for these terrible actions are truly empty.
They are strong but gentle, wise but silent. This is the greatest gift to bring to the world – the gift of wisdom and love. The gift of our true self.
The worst gift of ourselves comes when we live from fear, hatred and arrogance, hiding our spiritual heart and showing everything that has no value. This can never bring benefit to ourselves or others and all actions based in a heart closed to love, are destructive in one way or another.
This is how the world is now and has always been without the guiding influence of wisdom. Confusion, manifesting as violence and destruction. Hatred and aggression leading the way through the religious and political ideals of others. Brutalities justified and the lowest demonstrations of human behaviour explained and glorified.
Without wisdom there is only intelligence, without love there is only fear.
Love is the spontaneous expression of inter-connectedness and of freedom and joy. It is the way that the purest part of us heart naturally manifests in each moment. Love shares everything and asks for nothing in return. It is our guiding light through the maze of ignorance and fear and so is always the greatest gift of ourselves, to ourselves and to the world...

Love is how we live in the world
without making conditions as to how the world should be.

Dhammachariya Paññadipa
No-one’s indispensable!
From our insecurities we make our life and what we do important. We create the delusion that without us, the world, or at least the small world of our family, friends and work will stop. But it is a delusion!
The reality is that no matter who we are and no matter what we do, the world will continue without us. We just won't be there to organise it, that's all!
If the Prime Minister of England, dies tonight, the government will continue, the country will continue, life will continue. Even the death of the most important political figure in the country will not change our day-to-day life. If the Dalai Lama dies tonight, the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism will continue.
Life continued, even after the Beatles.
The realisation that we are not indispensable is a turning point in our spiritual life. To know from the heart, our own true value.
Knowing that we are not indispensable, we will begin to take care of ourselves and not be the victims of the personal whims of friends, family and work. Making the time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Valuing our own life, and our own pleasures.
Serving and helping others is a beautiful activity, the real heart of spiritual understanding, but only when we act from the knowledge that is not always necessary for us to be the ones to do it.

From the new version of Life is not Personal
Available 2008



When you meet a master on the road, you cannot talk to him and you cannot face him in silence.
What will you do?

Dhamma quotation:

No matter how others may treat us, it is always to our benefit to respond with love and compassion.

Michael Kewley
The Reality of Kamma

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