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N° 10

Better than a thousand meaningless words
is the one word of wisdom
that brings peace to the hearer.

Dhammapada: verse 100
Happy New Year
Wisdom is not an opinion
and belief is not the Truth

The only thing that has a real and lasting value in our life is wisdom.
Wisdom is not intelligence and it is not an opinion about things. It is not new and fascinating ideas or spiritual fantasies. Wisdom is the Truth and without wisdom we are lost.
Intelligent people suffer in the same way as everyone else. As much as it is promoted through our social and educational systems, huge intellectual brainpower does not help us find peace and security.
The fate of opinionated people is exactly the same. Creating a world based on our personal views and opinions as to how everyone and everything should be will always be narrow and limiting and something we will always have to defend and fight for.
Without wisdom we cannot protect ourselves from life and we cannot end our suffering in life. Wisdom arrives only from a direct, personal and intuitive relationship with life. Wisdom is the manifestation of Dhamma.
A life of belief is also not wisdom.
To say ‘I believe that …’ is only expressing another view or idea that is based in not knowing the truth. We only believe in things that we do not know from our own direct experience and people only ask us to believe in things that they cannot demonstrate or prove to us. In this way we are always victims fighting to conserve our belief systems and personal fantasies and always feeling threatened when they are attacked.
The way of the Dhamma disciple is not like this.
Our way is a way of letting go of the delusions of life and abandoning everything that is not the Truth.

Everyday in the world something new is acquired
Everyday in Dhamma something is dropped.

Tao Te Ching

We cannot think our way to peace and we cannot intellectually arrive at enlightenment. Peace and enlightenment are far beyond the thinking, rationalising and opinion filled mind. The difficulty of course is the letting go.
The Dhamma Path is simple, but never easy as our habitual way of continually creating our own personal world becomes stronger and stronger, holding on to as much as possible and always struggling to balance our relationship with life and our beliefs, views and opinions.
But if we don’t let go of our unwise and ultimately limiting attachment to the mind as being who and what we are, we will always suffer.
So, as we begin this New Year remind yourself to let go in every moment, to trust your heart and live a beautiful, intuitive and fearless life right here, right now.

May all beings be happy

Let life come to you.

It is said that ‘patience is a virtue’, but in our ordinary, everyday life we can often feel very, very far from this particular quality. It seems that the clock is always ticking and that time is rarely on our side. Everything is needed now, or sooner, and we are always behind.
As a consequence to the external pressures we meet in life, we loose our balance and so loose the sense of patience, the ability to allow things to take their own time.
Our food is forced with chemicals and steroids so we can have it earlier than its natural time, our children develop adult bodies and mentalities earlier than necessary and so miss the joy of childhood, and to wait five seconds for the internet to send or receive a message now, is almost intolerable!
When we live from this position it is easy to miss what life truly offers. To be fixated on a particular idea or thing alone means that we loose our peripheral vision of life and so don’t see other possibilities. Because of this there can be so many beautiful opportunities missed.
Ambition is not the quality to empower, but clarity is!
Know what you want, know what you don’t want and patiently, lovingly and gently put your energy in that direction. Make the space in your day to let life come to you.

From the new version of Life is not Personal
Available 2008



Show me your original face, the face you had before your mother and father were born.

Dhamma quotation:

Meditation is not used to escape the pressures of the world, but to reveal to ourselves exactly where these pressures really begin and end.

Michael Kewley
Walking the Path

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