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N° 39

Even if a person practices
the greatest spiritual austerities,
to the point of eating their meals
with a blade of grass,
their Dhamma value does not have
even the smallest worth
of those who train with
true understanding.

Dhammapada verse 70

Dhamma super powers.

As boys growing up as I did in the late 1950's and early 1960's one of our biggest influences in life was super hero comic books.
Characters like Superman, Batman, The Flash, The Mighty Atom, Green Lantern and many more were not fantasies to us but more like life style and career choices. When asked which super power we would want it was easy to identify with our own favorite hero.
Later, as we arrived in our adolescent years, if asked which super power we would like, invisibility or X Ray vision was the popular choice for obvious reasons. The ability to see girls naked was much more attractive than the ability to fight or run fast!
Later again as adults now, if asked about super powers perhaps the ability to fly would come top of the list, although invisibility always remained high with many men, still for the same reasons.
To be free from cars and roads, towns and crowds, but just to leap in the air and soar in infinite space! So far away from mortgages, work and family pressure, and everything else we feel is tying us to a life that is no longer enjoyable and does not fit our childhood dreams.
Now for me, having committed forty five years to a dedicated Dhamma life there is only one super power that I would like.
To be able to meet someone and shake hands or embrace or kiss, and in that moment release them completely from all their fears and anxieties.
For just a few minutes they would experience directly the reality of a fearless and love filled existence and recognize the desperate foolishness of chasing any kind of lasting security in a worldly life. They would be free and so taste the reality of awakening.
Of course, no one can liberate another from their karma and their delusion, but with this super power they would be free at least for a few minutes.
After that they would know why I encourage all my students and disciples not to miss a moment in their training and not to give up before complete self realization.
Awakening is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and then share with the world. Super hero or not, nothing is greater, more valuable and more powerful than this.
It takes a long time to understand the mind completely.
If everything I spoke about was so easy, the whole world would be enlightened. This is why the submission to Dhamma training is so important. No quick fix, no magic tablets, no spiritual recitations, only being still with the silence of the mind and allowing your inherent wisdom to arise.
This is Dhamma.

May all beings awaken.
May all beings be happy.

You are the obstacle to your own awakening.

The place of awakening is a place difficult to find. It is a place of love, peace and infinite compassion whilst all the time viewing the endless suffering, struggle and manipulation of those still sleeping.
The Master exists only to serve the disciple, to work tirelessly to point the way, but who has the ears and the heart to hear the voice of liberation.
Holding on to the dream of self, holding on to the endless negotiations in the mind, holding on to 'you', does not bring peace, does not bring joy does not bring happiness.
You are the obstacle to your own awakening, but the words of the Master are like whispers in the market place, shouted down by the vendors and promoters of convenience and ease. The way to this place is straight and direct though never easy. It demands dedication and determination, it demands the heart to be heard.
For this to happen we have to be still, we have to be silent. We have to stop grasping through greed and recoiling through fear. We have to recognize that whatever we experience in any moment only has the power we give it and life itself is established on an imagination, a dream.
However much you can argue for your beliefs, views and opinions, they will ultimately fail to bring you to peace. If you are still fighting with the world or yourself, you are not there yet.
To awaken from this dream is to be free. To be free is the potential of every human being. The question is only, do you want it enough?

May all beings be happy.



Spring does not become summer, summer does not become autumm. Spring ends, summer begins. Summer ends, autumn begins

Dhamma quotation:

If you truly want to develop yourself, follow the way of wisdom. Wisdom leads to peace and happiness and from that everyone benefits.

From Higher Than Happiness – Michael Kewley

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