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N° 38

Foolish people
become their own worst enemies,
as the unwise actions they make
bring their natural consequence.

Dhammapada verse 66
Happy new year 2015
he world I don't belong to.
Even before my teacher died I was a recluse.
He had sent me out into the world to share Dhamma so many years before, to offer a training beyond religion, beyond blind faith and completely disconnected to the no effort required, 'new age'.
I belonged to a tradition beginning with the Buddha. A tradition of truth, integrity and love, and I was instructed to share this with the world so that others might benefit as I had benefitted.
I was reluctant at first, but I wanted to honour those who had gone before me and so I would not compromise the teachings I had received and later understood.
I was sent to India, to beautiful Budh Gaya where the training now known as Vipassana had begun. People came to me and I was happy to make ten day retreats at the international Meditation Centre and share the thing I loved and treasured most. It was my privilege to offer the teachings in this way, always guarding my integrity and protecting the purity of Dhamma.
I was always enthusiastic and tireless in my efforts to bring this non religious, non gender oriented  Dhamma to the world.
I became quite well known and so was invited by different meditation centres to conduct courses, to become part of a western meditation clique, but so many times I was left feeling such a great disappointment as I realised that meditation was an industry and truth was not a priority.
Filling the meditation hall and telling people what they wanted to hear was more important than helping to awaken them to the reality of life. When Dhamma becomes a business, integrity is the first thing to leave the Dhamma hall.
So I live a quiet life now, travelling only to share the purity of Dhamma, giving the best of me in a tradition and lineage of love and awareness.
I see that I do not belong to the world of smart phones, meditation apps, a modern understanding of what has value and 'quick fix' practices.
To understand something well takes a long time. To understand it completely is perhaps a lifetimes vocation, but what better way to pass through this time than to commit to awareness, to commit to love, To commit to Dhamma?
I come from the old days, when disciples asked to be accepted by the master and that relationship became the most important thing in life.
All peace and all happiness ultimately comes from understanding Dhamma. In the end, you cannot fool yourself forever.
Take your time, learn with humility, get out of your own way, and allow your loving heart to manifest into every aspect of your life.
This is Dhamma.

May all beings be happy.


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Without speaking and without silence, show me the Dhamma.

Dhamma quotation:

Commit fully to this moment, to this life.
Do what you do with all your heart, and never mind the result.
Be happy.

(Buttons in the Dana Box – Michael Kewley)

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