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N° 37

Hatred is never overcome by more hatred.
only love can overcome hatred –
this is an eternal law.

Dhammapada verse 5
The sadness of the heart.

What will end the fighting in the world?
Only awakening, only love.
Who will understand these words?
Only those brave enough to put down their anger and their fear.
Who is ready to do this?
Is it you?

Dhamma means truth. It is the reality of the moment. We only fight about that which is not the truth, that which separates us. Flags, nationality, gender, culture, politics and religion. All ideas, all lies.
It is truth that unites all living beings. The realisation that no matter what we are told by governments, organisations, religion and the media, we are all the same.
However, to realise this place of unity, of oneness, we have to stop empowering the fear based part of ourselves and accept our  responsibility to live in the world as intelligent loving beings.
The fighting will not stop until we stop fighting, until we stop accepting the manipulation of those who want to control.
Peace, and the idea that will beings can live together comfortably brings no real benefit to those with an agenda, and no glory as a war lord or a religious warrior. When you have killed all your enemies, what will you do with the hatred and anger that still lives in your heart?
Each one of us has a power beyond  simple language. This power is love.
Ahimsa is perhaps one of the most beautiful words in the world. It means harmlessness.
To share our limited time on this planet and not commit harm to another living being. Not only human beings, but all living creatures.
Honour and true glory is here. Not in killing, not in torturing, not in manipulation or humiliation, but in caring, in consoling, in loving.
However, true Dhamma, that which goes past a good feeling in the meditation, or a smile when all goes well, is only for the truly brave.
We make our stand with love.
We say a gentle but firm no, to violence. We say a gentle but firm no, to taking sides in a dispute. We stand above and become peacemakers in our homes, in our countries and in the world. This is the power of love.
It is not ineffectual.
It is stronger than the hatred that is fuelled by fear, anger and retribution. It is the most powerful force in the universe and sits silently waiting for each one of us to access its infinite power.
It is available in every moment to every being, and when it is not accessed the world becomes the sadness of the master. So much potential, so little interest.
When the table is filled with the most beautiful and nourishing food, people are encouraged to fight for the crumbs on the floor. This is the way of the world, not the way of love.
It is only love that will bring peace to our lives and then by extension to the planet that we share will all other beings.
This is Dhamma. This is truth. This is love.
May all beings, everywhere and in every situation, find their loving heart, find their true courage, and end all acts of violence.
Offered with humility.

May all beings be happy.


The Dhamma Chanda Meditation Center

For many years my friend and first disciple Henry Bowen (Dhamma Chanda - fire of Dhamma) and I would reflect and wish for our own Dhamma Centre where we could offer retreats and Dhamma teachings so that all beings could benefit.This wish was always sincere and many times I have seen that what certain individuals needed in different parts of their life was a place to stay that would be quiet, secure and loving and so allow them the time to heal. It was a constant Dhamma frustration that I could not offer something to serve their need in that moment.
Also, according to the Dhamma tradition, as the master grows older a place is found where he (or she) can stay and share Dhamma, no longer traveling but allowing disciples come to them. This would also mean that there would be no fixed time limit as to how long disciples could stay. Now, as I become older myself, I put energy into this thought empowerment and invite the universe to create the possibility where a centre can materialize.
My intention is always the same. In thirty years of sharing Dhamma with others my only feeling has only ever been to honor my teachers and the Buddha himself and present that which has value and serves the world.
Dhamma belongs to all beings. It is the truth of reality. If we all cultivate the same noble intention, who knows what can happenI offer these simple thoughts with the knowledge that as surprising as it may seem, nothing is impossible, and if we are open to possibilities, everything can happen.

May all beings be happy.



A disciple asked the Master, 'If you were given a wish, what would it be?'


The Master replied, 'To stop wishing.'


Dhamma quotation:

Life does not change. Life is change.

(Taken from a Dhamma Talk from the French mountain retreat)

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