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N° 35

Let go of unwholesome actions.
Cultivate wholesome actions.
Purify your own mind.
These are the teaching
of all Awakened beings

Dhammapada verse 183

Staying on the point.

When I was a young man I used to drive my father wild with my intensity to do something. First, to play guitar (this was in the early days of the Beatles and we lived in Liverpool) and then later to my commitment to Dhamma, and of course, everything in between.
'Its always all or nothing for you,' he would say.
And he was right.
I still have the feeling that we should either do something properly or leave it alone. A little bit this, and a little bit that never led to the completion of anything.
We need to stay on the point.
This is how I have become known as a 'purist' in Dhamma.

I never wanted to be a Dhamma teacher, the idea simply never occurred to me, I only wanted to understand Dhamma completely and so be free from the cause of my unhappiness.  After many years of training, my teacher instructed me to share what I had understood with others. I was reluctant at first, but out of respect and love for him and the Buddha, I began this part of my life. I took care always to maintain a purity in my presentation of Dhamma and not corrupt it with foolish personal views and opinions, or so called, 'new age' ideas.
During those years of travelling and teaching I intensified my practice and whilst encouraging others to sit for one hour a day, I myself would sit for two and a half hours every day. To do this of course I had to let go of television, social events and often sleep, but if I am ever asked was it worth that effort, my answer is a resounding 'yes'.
We cannot know what awakening is like until we have awakened, and this is always worth our greatest effort. Everything else pales into insignificance against the joy, beauty and power of the awakened heart.
Those who know me will know that what is offered is only ever Dhamma.
Beyond ultimate truth, I have nothing to say.
Stay on the point.
Live with love and be aware.
Everything outside this is a mind creation and no matter how much we can explain and justify our relationship to these external things, they serve only to reinforce self identity and keep us from self realisation.
I have no opinions to offer, only love.
I have no manipulations to apply to you, only love.
I am not responsible for you, but I will serve you in any way that I can to help you pass through your difficulty.
But in the end, you are responsible for you and your spiritual development.
No - one can lift you up, and no - one can push you down, only you can do that.
Do not think that I  am weak or passive, it is only that my strength comes from love and not fear. There is a wisdom in knowing when to act and when to be still, when to speak and when to be silent.
Stay on the point.
Live with love and be aware.
Once you understand the power of these few words your life will come into perfect balance by itself.
How others live will naturally cease to attract or influence you, but you will respond wisely to everything that life presents.
Politics and religion will be seen to be as they really are, not good, not bad, only empty. Aspects of the mind chasing security in a universe where the only secure thing is love.
This has been my privileged path for more than forty years and my gratitude for this life is infinite.
I do not seek fame, but I need to be known to share this pure Dhamma with the world.
I do not seek money, but I live only from your kindness and donation.
This is my blessed life. Surrendering into the universe and the reality of life.
This is the pure Dhamma that I speak of.
Stay on the point.
Live with love and be aware.
I offer you no distraction to take you outside yourself, no technique to become attached to and no institution to belong to.
In our relationship there is only you and me, each serving the other with love, compassion and joy.
This is the most noble of all relationships and I offer this to all beings.
When Dhamma is compromised, integrity is the first thing to leave the Dhamma hall.
We will have lost the point of what we do.

May all beings be happy


I offer this Dhamma to you for your consideration and reflection.
I'm not trying to brain wash you, control you or manipulate your sensibilities.
I don't mind what you think. I don't mind how you live your life.
Whatever you do, whether you become a Dhamma disciple with me, or reject everything I say, you still have my love.
You still have my compassion.
You can't shake that from me.
You can't do something to disappoint me because I have no expectation of you.
When the heart is open it's like this.
Only ego makes demands on others.
The heart just accepts, supports, and responds in a wise and loving way.
This is the path of Dhamma.
May all beings be happy.


I am opening my hand, where does my fist go?

Dhamma quotation:

If the mind is not ours, why should we fight with it?

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Michael Kewley

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