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The one who lives from Dhamma
gives light to the world,
like the moon appearing
from behind the clouds

Dhammapada verse: 382

 Influencing others

Some years ago, whilst waiting for my flight at Toulouse airport, I saw four Buddhist monks in the departure lounge. As is my custom I approached them to see if I could offer anything, a cup of tea for example.
They were sitting opposite each other and so I leaned in, offered anjali and asked if I could be of service. One of the young monks looked at me and said, ‘Hello Michael.’
I was surprised that he knew my name and so asked if we knew each other.
‘Oh yes,’ he said, ‘in fact it’s because of you that I am now a monk !’
No matter how we live or what we do we cannot help but have an effect in the universe that we are part of. We speak, we smile, we scowl, we laugh always influencing the events and beings around us.
This young Buddhist monk reminded me that he had sat two meditation retreats with me in India some years before and something about my presentation of Dhamma had touched his heart and his journey began.
When we live without the desire to infuence or pursuade others as to how they should be, we show something beautiful – we show Dhamma.
A young woman in my room one time on retreat told me that she had fallen in love with me. This happens occasionally and as always, compassion and integrity are the qualities needed, for ourselves, for the other and for the reputation of Dhamma. When someone makes themselves vulnerable in front of us it is our responsibility to take care of them, not exploit the situation.
When I responded to her words she continued, ‘How could I not be in love with someone who listens to all the terrible things I say about myself, but never judges ?’
This is how Dhamma manifests. Not by judging or telling others how they should be, what they should wear or how they should think, but being peacefully with the moment as it is, and then responding wisely. Love is always an expression of wisdom.
I saw this with my teacher always, and it was inspiring to me, to put down the fears that would show themselves in subtle ways of control, and be free.
The true master does not have a view as to how others should be in their life. They know that they can only be responsible for themselves.
Dhamma is always given without conditions. It is the greatest thing that we can meet in our life and following this Dhamma path can take us only to peace.
This world does not need greater weapons technology.
This world does not need clever politicians and religious leaders encouraging others to kill.
This world needs love, and that love is found in Dhamma.
The words of the master are always given freely for the disciple to accept or reject, as they like.
We are all responsible for ourselves in every moment, and so the Dhamma eminating from the master tells us to choose wisely and listen to our heart.

May all beings be happy.

From Buttons in the Dana box
By Michael Kewley
Published by Panna Dipa Books
ISBN: 978-1-899417-10-0
Available to buy on-line from www.puredhamma.org

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The master, pointing to a vase of cut flowers asks the disciple, "Are these flowers alive or dead?"

Dhamma quotation:

It is only from a position of fear that we can be manipulated by the world. Therefore the Pure Dhamma way is to live from love, celebrate this life - and be free

From Buttons in the Dana box
Michael Kewley

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