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N° 18

If a disciple loves themselves
they will take care of themselves.
They will practice awareness for
at least a part of each day.

Dhammapada: verse 157
When we live from fear we are always a victim to life.
When we live free from fear,
we are already enlightened.

Dhammachariya Paññadipa

Happy new year!
Meditate, meditate, meditate!

The biggest obstacle to the teacher is the mind of the student.
The biggest obstacle to the student is also the mind of the student.
How to go past this great obstacle and meet the liberating truth is the greatest question for both teacher and disciple, but this is our journey together.
To meet the truth we must let go of our preconceived ideas as to what the truth really is. We must be empty of personal views and opinions and be ready to receive the beautiful ordinariness of reality.
At one time a university professor went to visit Nan-in, a well respected Zen Master. The master offered tea and began to pour it into the cup of the professor. However, even when the cup was completely full the master continued pouring.
“Stop,” cried the professor, “No more will go in.”
“Just like this cup,” said Nan-in, “Your are completely full of your own views and opinions as to how everything is and should be. How can I show you the Truth unless you come to me empty?”
The Pure Dhamma teachings are always simple;
Wake up and taste the truth.
Don't believe anything, not even the words of the teachers.
Understand true self responsibility (kamma).
The strongest and most effective force in the universe, is love.
To reconnect with the Dhamma that we carry within us, we have to be still. This stillness we call meditation. Without the consistent practice of meditation there is only the mind that seeks distraction, entertainment and something outside the daily experience of life. But truth is not outside the daily experience of life, it is an integral part of it! From the beginning of time, nothing has ever been hidden. Everything is right in front of us. However, to see it we must look with eyes not clouded in delusion, manifesting as belief systems and ideologies, and be empty like the Zen Masters cup.
When we arrive at the Dhamma hall we leave our shoes outside and enter barefoot. This is also the place to leave our ideas and opinions about Truth and life and open ourselves to the reality of this being that we call 'self.'
Everything we need to know for our unconditional happiness and liberation is there.
To sit quietly, without expectation, is the highest form of meditation and is the true path to peace and liberation.

May you all be well and happy in this New year
and may all beings live in peace and love.



If you want to find it – stop looking.

Dhamma quotation:

When you have a choice, choose the best.

Michael Kewley
Life Changing Magic

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