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N° 13

Better than a thousand meaningless words,
is the one word of wisdom
that brings the listener peace.

Dhammapada: verse 100
You don't have to give up your own culture for liberation,
you only have to stop talking!
Dhammacahriya Paññadipa

The thinking, talking mind.

We think too much and talk too much! How can there be clarity in such a busy mind? How can there be peace in such a noisy world?
With so much activity and so much noise everywhere around us, we forget that life is essentially a simple matter, breathing in, breathing out, responding wisely to the moment and living with love.
The un-peaceful mind is always occupied and always questioning life, asking 'what if', 'how would it be' 'what more do I need to do?' and 'how can I be happier?' never still, never quiet and never 'simply being'.
The great Zen Master Ryokan reflects on the futility of thought to bring us to peace and real understanding in this simple and movingly profound poem:

Where does my life go?
I sit alone, quietly meditating in my hut.
From all my thinking I know nothing,
this is my reality now,
eternal change and emptiness.
For a while the ego rests here with it's 'yes' and 'no',
but I follow my Way, perfectly content.

The thinking mind never brought peace to our life or to this world, only more ideas, more confusion and more divisions. The chattering voice never led to harmony and acceptance, only more reasons and justifications for a disappearing integrity.
When we embrace the beauty of silence, all the doubts and confusions of life fall away as we surrender confidently and peacefully into the moment. The consequential clarity arises into our life as we meet the truth in the now beautifully spacious mind. In this place our life is always directly in front of us and the heart manifests patience, love and acceptance to 'what is'.
No more will doubts, confusion and uncertainty take us for yet another dizzying dance, spinning us from one position of insecurity to another as we are now able to rest peacefully in our own 'reality now', accepting the quality of the moment and allowing it to to pass by itself. This is called 'simply being'.

Those who speak do not know,
those who know, do not speak.

Tao te Ching

When the mind is quiet and at peace, the voice has little to say. Views and opinions, usually considered to be realities, are understood to be empty and spiritually meaningless, and so fall away.
When we speak now, it is with a humility and honesty that unites all beings in the universe and supports only a life of love, compassion and generosity, for these are the manifestations of wisdom.
The Dhamma life is this life, a life of truth and love. Not religion, not blind faith or belief, not social or cultural policies, but a way of harmony and acceptance. A way of true peace and happiness.
This is the highest life for all people everywhere.

May you all be quiet and peaceful
and live from your beautiful loving heart.


The master Goso said, 'When you meet a Dhamma master on the road, you cannot talk to him and you cannot meet him with silence. What are you going to do?'

Dhamma quotation:

To make oneself available is the key to giving service. After all, the greatest thing we can offer to help anyone is our time and interest.

Michael Kewley
Walking the Path

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