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Vipassana: If we truly want to see, know and comprehend reality, we must meditate. The meditation practice of Awareness is traditionally called Satipatthana, but in modern language we use the name Vipassana. This word does not describe a technique of meditation, but rather the purpose of that meditation - to see things as they really are.There are many different schools, styles and forms of Vipassana practice, but in truth, anything that cultivates clear and unclouded vision of each moment can be called Vipassana. The Buddha himself did not prescribe a certain meditation technique for the development of awareness, rather he recommended that his followers (bhikkhus) be aware in every moment and in every action, both physical and mental. This practice of course, should be cultivated, not only in the formal sitting meditation, but in each moment of daily life.

Loving Kindness Meditation: As part of all true Vipassana practice there is always the meditation of Love and compassion to end each session. According to Buddhist teachings, this is the meditation taught by the Buddha to help us focus on the Loving heart so that we, and all beings may benefit.