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Walking the Path, what it means to be a Buddhist.
To be a true spiritual seeker we must bring our practice into daily life

What does it really mean to say "I am a Buddhist", and how as Westerners, can we demonstrate our faith in this path on our own journey to enlightenment? This is a practical guide for the Western lay Buddhist on how to bring the Dhamma into every moment of our lives, to celebrate our lives and to share our joy with the world.

To bring the real message of the Buddha into our twenty-first century lives we have to go beyond the religious and symbolic aspects of the teaching. We have to apply these teachings in every situation and walk step by step, on this beautiful path of awareness and love.

Published by Pannadipa Books
ISBN 978-1-899417-05-6

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Walking the Path, was reviewed by ‘The Middle Way’ journal of the Buddhist Society in their November issue 2010.

Here is a part of that review (p. 188):

"This book is essential reading for everybody, Buddhist or otherwise. It will also appeal to both beginners and advanced practitioners of Buddhism. How important it is to go back to basics again and again, because no matter how learned we become, no matter how many systems of Buddhism, philosophy or psychology we master, it is the basics that reveal our true being.
This gem of a little book covers all the basics wonderfully, real understanding, and its presentation is masterly. It keeps our feet firmly on the ground and walking the Path."