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Michael Kewley is the former Buddhist monk Pannadipa and founder of the Pure Dhamma tradition of Spiritual Awakening. He trained as a disciple for thirty years with Sayadaw Rewata Dhamma, a Burmese Buddhist Master, both as a monk and a layman, and continues this powerful lineage of Vipassana and Metta Bhavana.
In his youth he also trained in the traditions of Rinzai and Soto Zen and later spent time with Advaita Vedanta teachers in India.
He now shares his complete spiritual understanding through the non dualistc presentation of Vipassana meditation and life-style. He was the guiding Master at the International Meditation Centre in Budh Gaya, India for many years and was known affectionately as ‘the guru with the loving heart’.
He has said the he has no teaching to give, only Dhamma to share.
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On 26th May 2002 during a special ceremony at his masters temple in England he was awarded the supreme title of Dhammachariya, meaning master.
Michael's method of teaching is through the use of stories, both traditional and modern and with great humour.
To be in his presence is inspiring and profound, and everywhere in the world when he is present, Dhamma Halls are filled with the sound of joyful laughter.